Immunotherapy Desensitization (allergy shots)


If it is concluded that you can benefit from allergy shots, you will start a long-term, personalized program designed to decrease your reaction to the inhalants that are causing your allergies. This is done by giving a series of injections that contain the specific inhalants and their concentration indicated by your allergy testing. The first five (5) injections are given twice a week in the office and after that, once a week. You must wait 15 minutes after the first five (5) shots. After this time, you will have the option of giving yourself the rest of the shots. If you wish to receive your shots in the office, an additional charge will be made.


The goal is to make our patients symptom free and medicine free by blocking the body's normal allergy reaction to molds, dusts, grasses, pollen, and other problem causes of your allergy.


It may be necessary to test for foods at a later date. However, most nasal allergies are due to inhalants (pollen, cat dander, ragweed...), and control of the inhalants usually gives good relief of symptoms.


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